Friday, December 16, 2011

everyone knows this, right?!

So I was explaining to a friend who doesn't have kids how we made cookies for B.'s classmates Tuesday night. (He wanted to buy presents for everybody but luckily settled for making them cookies.) And of course I actually decorated the ones for school consumption while B.'s cookies were eaten at home by his loving parents. She didn't understand why...which just seems like a PSA waiting to happen. Nobody actually eats what a 2-year-old makes. That's just gross. Their hands are germ-ier than a truck-stop bathroom. I just assumed everyone knew this which is why I hand things out with a disclaimer that B. didn't actually touch the school's cookies. Not only am I saving the childless people from eating boogies by doing so but I'm also keeping the teacher from dumping the baked goods in the garbage. Honest, it happens, just check out the great comments discussion on this Motherlode blog post on what to get your teacher for the holidays. Hint: it's not baked goods made by your child!

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  1. I think you are a hero for even thinking of letting Ben work in the kitchen.