Sunday, December 18, 2011

this week's toddler menu - day 7

Every time I read a picky eater blog post on sites like Babble or Parenting, they say 'your child is probably eating better than you realize.' (That or they recommend ridiculous recipes that B. would never eat.) So I'm gonna keep track this week to see where we stand...with just one disclaimer: It is almost Hannukah and Christmas so there's gonna be a disproportionate amount of chocolate consumed in addition to the Nutella variety.

Breakfast: An entire bagel and cream cheese
Lunch: Nutella on two slices of whole wheat bread
Dinner: Pasta tossed with butter and a beaten egg, plus 2 mini cupcakes @ holiday party

Breakfast: Nutella on two slices of whole wheat bread
Lunch: Quesedilla with pinto beans and 7 sweet potato french fries and a chocolate coin
Dinner: More Nutella since I was on the phone and B. conned daddy into giving him a chocolate sandwich even though we have a strict 1-a-day rule. And another chocolate coin. Epic nutritional fail of an evening.

Breakfast: 1/2 Nutella sandwich. The appetite is slowing down.
Lunch: Nothing
Snack: A handful of cheese crackers at school.
Dinner: Half a quesedilla with pinto beans and 1/3 avocado. A bribe before he can have another chocolate coin.
*Another disclaimer. I am not some weird carb pusher despite what this would indicate. We offer him scrambled eggs, bananas, grapes and carrot sticks (among other things) everyday. He just won't eat anything but carbs.

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Bowl of white rice at school
Snack: Bowl of mac and cheese with cauliflower puree
Dinner: 1/2 Nutella sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie

Breakfast: 1 bite of pancake
Lunch: 1 bite of pizza
Snack: 1/2 Nutella sandwich
Dinner: Small bowl plain noodles at 8:30p.m. Even if he is stalling I don't want him going to bed hungry.

Breakfast: Bowl of Annie's cheese rabbit crackers
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: 2 small chocolate coins
*Before somebody calls child services on us for starving this kid, he does drink about 20 ozs of milk a day, along with water. No juice, of course, because that might contain...FRUIT!

Breakfast: Half a waffle
Lunch: A handful of cheese bunny crackers
Dinner: 2 bites of quesedilla with pinto beans & avocado and 1 chocolate coin

Looking back at this week, I'd say the tiny amounts of veggies and beans I manage to work in to his food don't make up for his carb & chocolate diet. I already knew this but it helped to write it all down and have it staring me in the face.