Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hunger has nothing to do with it

Saturday night B. sat up in bed at 9:30p.m., said he was hungry and asked for a fluffernutter sandwich and a chocolate sandwich and ate both. Finally, I thought the streak had been broken. But it seems like it was just a fluke. He's back to little or no breakfast. Rice or plain noodles for lunch and chocolate bread if we can convince him to sit still long enough at dinner. Quesedillas, mac and cheese and pizza are only on really good days. And I'm now looking at those options as the healthiest stuff he can eat. And that's about all he'll agree to put in his mouth. I'm debating being a much meaner mommmy in 2012 and -- I'm starting small here -- forcing him to eat at least one mouthful of fruit or vegetable a day. Terrible idea or about time?

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