Wednesday, December 14, 2011

we're crafting

In between moody meltdowns we made it to the Michaels to buy a bunch of craft supplies this weekend...

We bought a ton of holiday stickers & glitter to make this frame. It's a version of what I made at school with B.'s friends. (I keep having fantasies of running a preschool and then when faced by 11 two-year-olds who were bouncing off the walls because of rain I had a silent panic attack. So that's not going to happen.) And then we (or I) ripped strips of tissue paper and then I had B. glue them on this Mason jar to make a candle holder.

Then we made star cookies last night to bring to school. B. helped cut out the shapes (which was basically like stamping Play-Dough) and then sprinkled white sugar crystals on the cookies. Thank god for Michael selling everything because B. is refusing to shop so I was able to get all this stuff in one place.


  1. Congrats - that frame is so cool.

  2. Ben is so stinkin' gorgeous. What a rock star kid you have.