Tuesday, March 20, 2012

more food lies

Feeding my kid doctored fruit puree in a syringe under the pretext that it's vitamins isn't the worst thing I could be doing. And now I know for sure. Babble had this funny post about the food lies we tell our kids...like all the nutrients in bread are all in the crust and if you swallow gum it'll stay in your stomach for seven years.
Here are a few more of mine:
All the chocolate bars sold at grocery store checkout stand are so big, they're just for daddies. You'll get one when you're a daddy.
Skittles (and all other candy) are just for big people with big teeth. Candy is so hard you wouldn't be able to chew through it.
All protein is chicken, including some really good pulled pork B. ate on vacation last year.
Then of course there's the stuff I just don't tell him about. For the rest of his life, this kid will grow up thinking Nutella should taste like peanut butter and mac & cheese should taste like cauliflower.

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