Friday, March 16, 2012

it's the little things

I stumbled across this great blog post on HelloGiggles about the little things you can do for yourself as you're wiping up poop, fixing snacks and picking up toys to add some romance to your day and feel like you're more than just "mom." I am the first to admit I'm pretty much swallowed up in the universe that is my kid. It's like living with the most popular kid in school where EVERYTHING is about them ALL of the time. And to be totally honest I love when B.'s friends say "Excuse me, B.'s mom" as if that were my name. But I totally get where this mom is coming from. I happen to feel better about myself if I take the time to blow out my hair in the morning. Even if I'm wearing sweats and no makeup, clean straight hair just makes me feel more special. So here are her (paraphrased) suggestions for a good mood day:
  • Wear red lipstick around the house
  • Use a French press to brew your coffee
  • Clean house to audiobooks
  • Have a glass of wine with lunch
  • Get regular manicures (I'd have to say pedicures!)
  • Use Christmas lights year round
  • Buy fresh flowers every week
Got any others to add to the list?


  1. Oh those all sound wonderful! Like, amazing. I do love flowers in the house, and the audiobooks thing. I already do the French press coffee and it's a great daily ritual.

  2. Yes, I think I'm going to print out and follow religiously :D

  3. Wine always makes me feel luxurious and like I am doing an adult only thing. That is probably why I drink so often.

    1. LOL. That or the kids just drive us effing crazy.