Monday, March 12, 2012

kitchen negotiations with the picky kid

B. came up with an interesting barter this weekend. Out of the blue he asked to eat some fruits and vegetables (which ended up being one bite of carrot and some fruit puree) in exchange for a later bedtime. Works for me. We barely even enforce a bedtime as it is. (We aim for 8:30ish but don't actually get strict unless it's approaching double digits.) So for the last three nights we've bullied him into eating fruit puree as soon as it gets matter what time it is.
And then this morning he asked to make sweet potato pancakes. He hasn't eaten pancakes in forever but likes to scam me into getting down a bunch of pots and pans just so he can measure and stir ingredients. Then once I've plated the pancakes he refuses to eat them and walks away. Which is exactly what he did this morning. But I've lowered my high-falutin' standards A LOT. So I pulled out my ace card. A jar of sprinkles. And offered pancakes with syrup and sprinkles. Offer accepted. I'm not sure there's a kid alive who wouldn't eat something covered in rainbow sprinkles.
It almost seems like we're making some strides in the food department. Then again, I just tried to convince him to eat a bite of potato for dinner. Plain frigging potato. And he refused. So we're not celebrating just yet.

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  1. Rainbow sprinkles are the best. I love them to this day.