Wednesday, October 5, 2011

return of the paci

Mommy got sick. And busy with work. B. was an intolerable beast who refused to nap. And so the paci fairy returned our precious paci after 9 days. Yep, we gave it a shot and decided to postpone this battle for another few months. Now peace has returned to the Habes house.
But good food habits have not. So I started Googling and found there's a label for my beloved but maddeningly picky kid. He's a "Resistant Eater." Which I don't entirely buy since it's a label largely used for autistic kids or kids with sensory processing disorder and people in this country love to label anything that can't be solved with a hug and a trip to the store. I think Extreme Stubborness disorder is probably closer to our problem. But B. did meet a lot of the checklist: eating a handful of foods and resisting all others, limited food groups, become anxious or tantrum at the introduction of new foods.
As of today we're down to Cheerios, pancakes (which he refused to eat this weekend but I think/hope that was a blip), fluffernutter sandwiches, grilled cheese and ham, pizza, mac and cheese, quesedillas, white rice and plain noodles (but only at school, he generally won't eat pasta at home). Oh and cheesy crackers and chocolate. No fruit, no juice, no vegetables, no meat that isn't hidden in a sandwich or quesedilla. Even banana bread is now off the list. And B. would rather go hungry than eat anything off the menu.
Blerg. When I originally started blogging it was to record all the fun family dinners we shared and in anticipation of all the cooking/baking he was going to do with me -- not a whiny journal about the difficulties of feeding the pickiest kid I know. Hence the lack of posts lately. I bore myself with this bullshit. Looks like we're gonna need another mission statement for me to write about.

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    I'm so sorry you struggle so much with feeding Ben. If it makes you feel better, he appears to be radiantly healthy and happy and I don't think you have anything to worry about. He'll be fine.