Friday, October 7, 2011

i love fall

It has to be my Canadian-ness. I know how to dress for fall (with accessories even!), I know how to decorate for fall and I know how to cook rib-sticking stuff. Not that I don't try to make super light mango-y, fishy, fresh dishes the rest of the year. But fall just comes easy to me. So yesterday we carved a pumpkin and roasted seeds (my first time and I found them highly overrated, sort of like kale chips.) Then I threw a bunch of random winter root vegetables in with some stock and made a sweet potato, parsnip, fennel, celery root and butternut squash soup. Even better, I'm gonna freeze off little portions to add to B.'s mac and cheese since I was running low on frozen cauliflower puree, which is what I usually put in there. I may even be able to use this mix in my pancakes if I add enough sugar and spices. And when I picked B. up from school he was wolfing down couscous. Plain, of course. But, still, something new for the boy. So I immediately bought a box to try at home. Win-win all around.

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