Monday, September 26, 2011

well, this sucks

Life without a paci is hell. We skipped naps Saturday and today. And B.'s been a moody little bee-yotch and I feel partially responsible since I know he's having a hard time settling down without it. I'm going to give it a week and then re-evaluate.
On the food front, the preschool aide asked me today what types of fruit B. might like since he never tries anything they give him. At which point I had to confess that he doesn't eat any fruit. And then blather some excuse about how I hide his fruit and vegetables in other foods. Oh the fucking humiliation since you know she thinks we're all just eating Happy Meals and candy at home.
And the chances of B. actually eating any fruit are probably at an all time low since he wigged out yesterday when I asked him to pass me a grape. I was sort of hoping he might take a bite but the kid would not. even. touch. the. fruit. As if the grapes were some type of poisoned pellets that would automatically kill him if his fingers happened to graze the fruit. How did this happen?

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