Wednesday, October 12, 2011

cracking out on crafts

There's something about hours of unscheduled activity time that makes me nervous, mostly because I feel like it's inevitably gonna lead to pleas for Dino Dan on TV or B. demanding I chase him around the courtyard like a bear (which makes me want to watch TV). So I am all over this craft business. I've actually had an entire box of sparkly, fuzzy, sticky stuff from Michaels sitting in my closet for almost a year now just waiting till B. showed an interest.
Yesterday we walked around the neighborhood collecting red and orange leaves so we could make placemats. We (OK, mostly me on this one) stuck the leaves and a construction paper frame in between two pieces of contact paper. Presto!
Then we practiced our favorite letters with glue and glitter. B. just started singing the Alphabet song but he's recognized the letters for his name and the initials of anyone in his family for a while now. And we just added A and S to our repertoire of favorites for two of his friends at school. So I wrote out the initials on a piece of paper with a glue stick and he dumped on the glitter and shook the paper around.
Hubby is complaining about all the sequins and glitter being tracked around the house. But I live in a house with two guys and zero pink--finding the occasional sequin on the carpet makes up for the lack of a Barbie townhouse around here.
The only thing B. didn't enjoy doing was making pizza. I had us hooked up with dough, sauce and cheese while the pizza stone was heating up in the oven but I could not get him to touch the ingredients. To the point of a total meltdown. His and mine. So I made the pizza and he ate it. Yep, sounds about right for this house.

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  1. So bizarre - he doesn't mind messing with finger paints, bubble juice and play putty but can't touch edible pizza sauce and cheese! Maybe touching food is a taboo in little children land where he comes from.