Tuesday, October 18, 2011

t-rex eating habits

I thought I had a brainwave. Add fruit juice to Jell-O. Not the healthiest snack but at least there would be some sort of fruit consumption in our house. Too bad the kid wouldn't even taste the Jell-O. Not even after T-Rex tried our cut-outs and roared his approval. Instead I ended up eating an entire pan of lime Jell-O (pumped up with apple-grape juice). Refreshingly yummy. And B. continues to be a candidate for scurvy.
In better news, I got the "your kid is acting out because he needs more stimulation at school" speech this morning. I'm choosing to look at this as good news. He's one of the smart ones! And Teacher J. (who is turning out to be a rock star) is perceptive enough to see what's happening and engaged enough to try and make some changes so B. is more challenged. Not only that, this woman is a patient saint who corrals 12 two-year-old's all day and then goes home to her own preschooler. If he gets bumped up to the next age group after Xmas, like she's suggesting, I'm really going to miss Teacher J.


  1. I seriously think Ben would pretty much do fine with kindergarteners, much less the next group up in preschool. I was just reading this, coincidentally, and it reminded me a little of your thoroughbred, not that he's misbehaved, just that he's already a PERSON.

  2. Uh, link: http://teachingmybabytoread.blog.com/2011/10/18/harnessing-a-racehorse/