Monday, October 10, 2011

paint ball toddler-style

B.'s attention span is finally so much longer that we can do a bunch of cool crafts and he really gets into it. (As opposed to having me glue popsicle sticks and pompoms together and then pretending it was a kid's art project.) So after making a sparkle bottle last week (thanks for the idea, Jen!) we practiced our golf ball painting this morning. We tried this in a community art class a year ago and B. couldn't really grasp the concept of rolling the golf balls around the pan. Fast forward to this morning and he was rocking and rolling those paint-covered balls all over the piece of paper at the bottom of the pan. It produces a very Pollock-esque art piece without actually having to flick paint around the kitchen. Perfect for condo living or neat freaks who don't want a paint rainbow splattered on the back deck.

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