Friday, July 15, 2011

no kids allowed

How ironic. The same week a Pennsylvania restaurant bans kids under 6 from their establishment we went back to Boa. It's a trendy steakhouse we haven't been to since B. was 11 months. And just like last time, we didn't have a babysitter so we decided to bring him along. And this time was actually much more successful thanks to the iPad. It really is the greatest invention for keeping kids busy since...I don't know what. We went through appetizers, dinner and dessert without so much as a hiccup thanks to a variety of apps and videos. Of course B. would only eat the bread rolls and ice cream -- even after I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a Kobe meatball and spaghetti dish for him. The more expensive/fancy it is the less he seems to like stuff. (See: homemade bolognese.) Anyway, I'm torn. I do hate whiny kids in restaurants but I like the freedom of being able to bring B. when we're craving a grownup dinner in the type of place that doesn't provide crayons. Of course it would be a different story if we had a sitter. But until I find another able-bodied, energetic 20-something who's available nights, I'm gonna sit out this debate.

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