Thursday, March 3, 2011

random stuff

Finally finished with a red carpet marketing project I was working on that was sucking up all my time (it turned me into a tweeting maniac, though I'm sure getting paid had something to do with the obsession). In the meantime I managed to make a kick-ass Mario Batali bolognese sauce out of all organic ingredients which B. rejected. (This was particularly frustrating because his favorite restaurant meal is rigatoni bolognese. What gives little man?!) And then there was one day where B. insisted on mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kid knows what he wants. Next week will be interesting since I have a two-week assignment and we just got a new blond babysitter that B. seems to be infatuated with. Hmm. Maybe she'll be able to get him to eat all sorts of healthy things. Mwahahaha.

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