Wednesday, February 23, 2011

creamed spinach and the birthday party circuit

Add creamed spinach to the list of rejected veggies. I thought the creamy texture and addition of parmesan would make it edible. Plus I served it alongside safety choices: roasted chicken and sweet potato fries (which are really just roasted strips of sweet potato that I call French fries to make them sound more badass). But it was totally rejected by B. and T. In fact, DH wouldn't even fake a bite to set a good example. Which only makes me more determined. So I'm gonna slip it into lasagna or baked ziti and serve it with a smile!
Totally unrelated but we're officially joining the birthday party circuit and I'm oddly giddy about it. We've gotten two invites this week alone (including an adorable one which is a custom job from that makes me feel like I've got to step it up this year). And I know more are coming. The thing is, it takes all pressure off making plans for the weekend. I always feel like I should be scheduling more playdates and this takes care of that without any initiative on my part other than showing up with a gift. Everyone with older kids seems to complain about the weekend shuffle between birthday parties but I say bring it on. If you invite us, we'll be there.

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  1. What about crispy spinach, baked with minimal olive oil...I love the crunch.