Tuesday, March 23, 2010

early bird special

We went to Boa this weekend and (gasp!) brought Ben since there was no one to babysit while we went out for surf and turf. First reservation was at 5:30 and they did have high chairs so... We actually managed to get through drinks, appetizers and dinner in about 50 minutes with just a few squawks before it felt like we were pushing it. Question is, if you go for dinner at 5:30, no matter how nice the place is, shouldn't you expect some kids? I used to hate people that brought their children to nice restaurants but unless you're dealing with some crazy Mario Battali reservation system (the only table for two @ Babbo still seems to be at 5:30 or 10:30) then you just shouldn't be eating that early. Right? Or have I just drunk the mommy Kool-Aid?


  1. Hmmm, shall I be honest here? LOL! No seriously, as a child-free person (no offense meant by that phrasing, I just find "childless" slightly biased!) I must say that screaming wee ones or running-free, knocking things over/throwing things around older kids can certainly detract from my dining experience.

    But I think that people who are considerate of others and plan for their children's moods, should indeed dine at whatever hour they wish, since their plan (make sure he's fed/napped/has a fav toy, whatever) can likely ensure their offspring are not going to be disruptive. Fair's fair, no?

  2. Ha. Really, even at 5:30 you'd expect no kids? Ben was actually very well behaved and luckily no one else around but I have to wonder at grown ups who eat that early?!

  3. I agree - 5:30 p.m. is an unnatural adult dining hour (out or in), unless you are heading to movie afterwards or couldn't record your must-see TV show and want to rush home.