Friday, April 1, 2011

second birthday rolling around

I can't believe I'm planning B.'s second birthday. Where did this year go? We're doing the beach again but a morning party so I'm trying to think of breakfasty foods that'll make the grownups and the kids happy. This is gonna make me seem so out of touch but I just discovered you can buy kid-friendly yogurt in tubes. Wild stuff, I know. B. is obviously refusing to try it but I think if I stick the tubes in a pail with some crushed ice it would be a fun snack for the little ones. I also decided to cut down on the manual labor required and swap out fruit salad for buying those pureed fruit pouches. I already know I'm gonna be icing cupcakes into the wee hours the night before his party, no need to be chopping fruit as well. Frankly I'm just happy there's a really good excuse to serve a couple of those traveler boxes of coffee, 'cause what parent doesn't need a little extra caffeine on a Saturday morning?

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