Wednesday, February 9, 2011!

We got a pizza stone at Williams Sonoma last night. I've been making in the oven lately and even once on the BBQ but it needs a little help and I'm hoping this will help save the crust from burning.
Except B. got so excited by all the talk of pizza that he wanted some immediately. It's really hard to explain to a toddler that actually making pizza is also gonna require a trip to the grocery store for cheese & sauce and to Abbot's Pizza shop (which will sell you dough balls to make your own - love this!).
So we stopped by a mediocre pizza joint to get him a slice on the way home. I don't think he cared (or could tell the difference? The only time he's objected to pizza is when I made a BBQ chicken pizza. He was outraged that someone had dared mess with his classic tomato sauce/mozarella combo.) but I'll definitely be making up some pies tonight because mommy wants some good margharita!

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