Thursday, February 10, 2011

peanut butter...meh

B. had his first taste about six months ago and has remained unimpressed ever since. The recommendations on feeding your kids peanut butter keep changing but there are no food allergies in the family so we felt pretty comfortable trying around 1.5 thinking he was gonna get hooked but he's never been interested. So today I tried giving him a PB&J sandwich, thinking the jelly would seal the deal. (The fridge is pretty bare but I couldn't take him grocery shopping because he refused to nap and I knew he'd pass out the minute we got in the car.) Anyway, I couldn't even get close to him. So the ease/affordability/convenience/deliciousness of PB&J will have to wait for another day. Instead he had a quesedilla topped with mashed avocado and I ate the PB&J. Yum.

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