Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ketchup makes everything better

Fish sticks worked. Sort of. I got a box of Dr. Praeger's fish sticks and served some up Monday. Dipped in ketchup. B. ate about 5 bites. Not a bad start. And then we switched over to hummus and pita chips. Today comes helping number two of fish sticks. For the record, I'd prefer he ate fish fillets but he won't so this seems like a good gateway food to get him hooked. Fingers crossed it goes well. We've also had some banana, cinnamon french toast and bagel n cream cheese today. Sometimes it seems like the whole day is spent fixing food, convincing him to actually put the food in his mouth, cleaning up the kitchen and then starting all over again. Making me qualified to be one extremely competent...lunch lady?!
UPDATE: He ate one bite. And only when bribed with the promise of a bottle of milk. Except he did chew and swallow said bite so it can't have been that bad. Operation Fish Sticks continues!

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