Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what's for lunch?

Lately, it feels like we're in a lunch rut. If it's not pasta, it's quesedillas/grilled cheese or hummus and pita. Over and over again. B. would probably be just fine with mac and cheese at every meal -- and two years ago I probably would have agreed with him but now I feel like it's my mom duty to make sure he's eating from the food pyramid. So I texted some friends to see what their kids were eating that day and got some interesting ideas:
Swedish meatballs made with chicken, shallots, nutmeg and parsley. This sounds so good, it makes me hungry!
Veggie corn dogs. I'm alternately repulsed and fascinated. Probably delicious and obviously way healthier than real corn dogs so it's an option.
Rice and beans. Note to self: learn how to make rice.
Fish sticks. We've tried them before but as D. pointed out if I offered up a dipping sauce alongside B. would probably go for it. Ketchup is my friend.
Tofu. I got some sesame marinated sticks the other day but they were sort of spicy so I didn't end up offering them to B. because that would have turned him off completely. Kid does not like spicy food. But if I can find some other version that would be great. (I'm not really a huge fan so I don't want to make the commitment to learning how to do it myself.)
Most of all I think the world needs some sort of giant message board where everyone could log in their menus everyday (no judgments made!) just to give moms more ideas!

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