Monday, January 24, 2011

what i learned from jon & kate plus 8

Wayyyyyy back in the day I used to watch this show and love it. The kids were so cute and I loved seeing how Kate managed the house with military precision. Plus everything she bought was organic, which I thought was really cool. Anyway, the reason B. now eats hummus at least twice a week is because I'd seen Kate serve 8 plates of hummus, pita and veggie sticks for lunch and it seemed like such a tasty/healthy meal that didn't involve cheese. (I mean how many times can you do pizza, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, quesedilla, etc.) I don't know what it is about hummus--give me tzaziki or white bean dip any day--but even borderline picky kids like B. eat it. Works for me. And every time he eats it, it cracks me up that such a train wreck of a show had such a positive impact on our mealtime.


  1. Hmmm, interesting! Never woulda thunk kids would love humus. Maybe it's the tahini's unique combo of sweet/umami? Anyway, keep feeding him as much of that kinda thing as he'll take, cuz apparently his future tastes (and waistline!) depend on it, according to new research about the formation of kid's taste prefs I happened upon today:

    Hugs to you both. I'm going to eat artichokes and left over Mediterranean polenta fritta now!

  2. Yum, I want your lunch! And interesting article except how do I get him to put the red pepper in his mouth! xo