Friday, January 21, 2011

no dinner for you

For the first time ever B. went to bed without dinner last night. He was really tired and cranky and when I offered him pasta (it was broccoli cream sauce but he's had it before) he refused and asked to get down from his highchair. Normally I'd start offering up a bunch of other options. I know you're not supposed to but who wants to see their kid go hungry? "B. want cheese? Raisins? Fruit snacks? Cheerios? Grilled cheese?" Yes, I have done the pathetic, desperate mommy dance--there may even have been the promise of seeing mommy hop up and down on a chair in exchange for eating a few mouthfuls. But this time I decided to call his bluff. And other than an extra bottle of milk at bedtime, he did not eat anything last night. And still he survived to tell about it this morning. (Actually, today turned out to be a great food day. He ate applesauce and spaghetti with red pepper sauce for lunch and rice with beans and avocado for dinner.) But it's like every day is a test of wills. Last week we went down to Main Street for dinner with T.'s aunt and uncle and he would not sit still at the restaurant--even with the promise of 2 different phones to play with. Bedtime is a one-hour battle minimum. But the worst part is clocking everyone he gets close to. I feel like I'm living a Modern Family episode only way less funny. Of course he thinks it's hilarious to hit. And we've tried everything but all the sites I've checked say you just have to wait it out and be on them 24/7 around other kids.
UPDATE: Just got a great suggestion from a friend whose baby is in daycare. They tell the big kids there not to touch the babies except to tickle their feet, so for now I'm going with kids/babies are off limits unless he wants to tickle them.

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