Tuesday, January 11, 2011

researching preschools makes my head hurt

There are some things I know. Even if B. doesn't eat his vegetables, go to preschool or learn to self-soothe, he is still gonna grow up to be a functioning human being who holds a job, feeds himself at least three times a day and has friends. But ohmygod the frenzy among Santa Monica moms to find the right preschool. I just talked to the mom of one of Ben's friend's and they've already signed their kid up in two places for 2012. WTF? She also toured all the schools in the area and seems to know the dirt on each one. But it goes even deeper. When I visited preschools I was just looking for a clean place where the kids seemed happy, the staff wasn't pulling their hair out and there were enough books and toys for everyone to share. But D. knew specifics, like whether snack time was scheduled or if kids were able to snack at will. Who thinks to ask these questions? And does it even really matter? Or is the joke on me? Will B. grow up to be a weirdo because his mom didn't care enough to check when they served the cheese and crackers?! (LOL. I can't even keep a straight face while typing.)

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