Thursday, January 27, 2011

sleep & vegetables

It feels like all my conversations with other moms right now revolve around sleep schedules and feeding time. OK, it's probably been going on for months but it just seems like those issues dominate any other topic right now -- our kids are either going to bed too late, getting up too early or not napping enough (or some dreaded combination of all three) and nobody is eating their vegetables. But still we obsess and analyze as if there was some formula we'd overlooked that would get them to sleep more and not reject anything green. L. and I were discussing yesterday, brainstorming some vegetable ideas that might not get rejected. And so I made some roasted red pepper strips today that didn't even make it anywhere near B.'s mouth at dinner. I served dinner on one of those divided TV dinner-style plates that also included chicken, corn and raw slices of zucchini (because on occasion Ben will stick some raw zucchini in his mouth) and he refused to eat ANY of it. Which means he went to bed without dinner. Again. But it's fine because I've already found the next veggie recipe I'm convinced will be the one to make B. love his greens -- spinach and ricotta gnocchi as made by Debi Mazar and her husband on this new cooking show I love. Can't lose right?

UPDATE: I tried the spinach balls but they're good but they taste a lot like manicotti filling to me so I'm gonna stuff them into some pasta tubes and cover them in sauce before eating again.