Sunday, July 18, 2010

bottle weening?

It seems like there are a million and one rules when it comes to feeding babies and you practically need a PhD to keep it all straight. You're supposed to try bottle feeding at a month otherwise he'll have nipple confusion (has anyone actually had this problem?!). Strawberries and eggs are highly allergenic. Citrus is too acidic. Honey is deadly to babies. No milk till a year but yogurt is fine at 6 months (never understood this). And I've stuck to the plan. We waited five days--not three--before trying each new food. So maybe I'm just getting lazy but I haven't weened B. off bottles yet. Yep, at 15 months we're still using bottles of milk instead of serving it in a sippy cup. I tried a couple of times and he wasn't going for it so I just gave up. I know it's going to get harder the longer we wait but there are so many other battles--eat your vegetables, self sooth to sleep, yada yada yada--this is the one thing I'm just going to let slide. I can't be the only one cutting corners, right?

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  1. Hey, Patrick's almost two and he still wants his bottle at night. It's comforting. And one day Ben (and Patrick) won't care about drinking from a bottle anymore, and you'll be wondering how that happened.