Tuesday, July 27, 2010

baby puree ideas

So exciting, K.'s just about to start cooking for her baby soon so we got around to talking about what to serve. I never got really sophisticated with my purees. B. did sweet potatoes when he was five and a half months, followed by pear, apple, carrots and broccoli over the next four weeks. I tried doing peas but found them too fibrous and had to push through a strainer to get it smooth enough. And zucchini was too watery. So we did a lot of the same old for a while and then chunkier food by the time he was eight months. (Plus discovered the Peter Rabbit organic purees which sorta took me off the hook. Except T. recently ordered a case of 30 and now B.'s stopped eating them. LOL.) But after talking to L. I was totally impressed by her combos and wished I had asked her about this a year ago: pear-pea (she has a Blendtec which obviously kicks the crap out of my little hand held mixer) apple-strawberry, apple-prune, apple-sweet potato and pear-blueberry. Yum! I might even try the last one at this stage because I think I could convince B. to eat blueberries this way.

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