Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally! Nana got B. to eat eggs when we took him to a diner on vacation and both of us ordered omelettes. Spinach & Swiss and broccoli & cheddar. He liked both. Which means we've now got a new source of protein (there's only so many times I can make him turkey meatballs) and a new vehicle to feed him vegetables. The green stuff is hit and miss on its own but as long as it's combined with pasta--or now eggs--he'll eat it. Like today, he had noodles with zucchini, turkey and tomato sauce for lunch and then noodles with broccoli, chicken and mascarpone for dinner and cleaned his bowl both times.
(Side note: This is the first time I've ever used mascarpone for anything but making tiramisu and I'm totally sold. A little bit makes a creamy light sauce without any more effort than scooping it out of the container. Yay! New shortcut.)

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