Tuesday, February 7, 2012

we're peeing in the potty!

I don't think I've been this excited about B.'s bathroom habits since we brought him home from the hospital and had those nifty Pampers newborn diapers that changed color when he peed.
The boy who does EVERYTHING on his own timetable suddenly decided, midway through a bath, that he had to sit on the toilet last night. Out of the blue. With zero prompting from me because I know better than to push anything on him. Nothing came out so we tried again this morning and he peed. Major pee. Seriously, in any other context getting this excited about urine would just be super weird. But I was beginning to think B. was never going to come around. He had refused to even sit on the toilet until last night. And now that he's decided he's going to pee like a big kid he wants his own magazines, just like daddy. He was not impressed with EW or Sports Illustrated. So I just rushed out to Barnes & Noble to buy some reading material. And let me tell you, magazines for toddlers are in short supply. I wish this was somehow a niche I felt like I could fill but how many 2/3-year-olds are reading magazines while going to the bathroom? Educate me if I'm wrong!


  1. Babybug :) http://www.cricketmag.com/BBB-BABYBUG-Magazine-for-Babies-6mo-3yrs

  2. Cute. I ended up with National Geographic Kids which he loves for the wild animals.