Tuesday, November 29, 2011

good news / bad news kinda day

I am such a grass checker. Is it greener over there? Is it greener over there?
On the days I don't work, I go a little buggy by midafternoon, wonder if I'll ever work in an air-conditioned, high-rise office again, check job sites, call friends for grown-up conversation and obsess over ridiculous projects. On the days I do work I just want to be kicking around with B. and beat myself up for not having time to do cool crafts or visit some toddler-friendly attraction. And today was the worst because I had to leave him in preschool all day since I was so busy -- a first for us. He handled it pretty well. But by the time we got home, he wanted to go to bed and doing anything but eating and showering was too strenuous for him. Why is there nothing in between?
On the plus side (way over on the plus side), I got name dropped by one of my favorite mom blogs. Teaching My Baby To Read basically described everything I've been trying to articulate for months in one really funny blog post. Here's just a bit:

I’m one of those former Californians who gets a farm fresh, organic produce box delivered each week, who grows her own garden each summer, who shops at the organic coop, who only buys cage free eggs, shade grown coffee, grass fed beef, etc. I nursed both of my kids for 14 months, pureed their own homemade baby food, and introduced vegetables, not fruit first into their diet at exactly 6 months. I own Jessica Seinfeld’s book Deceptively Delicious, and have been known to serve raw vegan chocolate fudge made with avocados to guests. (It’s actually quite good.)

What exactly do my children subsist on? Whole milk, crackers and Jo Jos!...

Thanks for making me laugh, Jen. And for introducing me and my husband to the term Afterschooling. It makes me feel a whole lot better on the days I can't control B.'s activities. Not today though. He passed out right after eating his corn-laced pasta :)

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