Tuesday, October 25, 2011

more kid weirdness from the trenches

I bought a mushroom growing kit from Whole Foods (and was thisclose to buying the mozzarella-making kit) because it seemed like a fun project, there'd be some smarty pants scientific/agricultural component to it and B. would get to see where food comes from.  Plus I love oyster mushroom.
(We live in a condo so a garden is out of the question and the last time I had a window basket all my basil got eaten by caterpillars.)
But he freaked out, wouldn't touch the mushroom box and cried until I was done setting the whole thing up. And that's even before he got to see the composted coffee grounds with mushroom spores inside the box, which I admit looks pretty gross. I love organic food but have such a yuppie disconnect to where it all comes from.
Anyway, since he's showing no interest, I keep forgetting to water the darn thing and have a feeling I should have just bought $20 worth of exotic mushrooms at the store and be done with it.
Such a smart, sweet kid but why oh why so fussy?!


  1. {{hug}} Everybody I know is doing these mushroom kits. I gotta get on this train, because the last stop is totally mushroom pizza!

  2. Mmm. Never thought about mixing mushrooms and mozzarella kit together. You're right, pizza party!