Wednesday, September 14, 2011

le freak c'est chic

Have noticed a bizarre trend at preschool: Kids eating their fruits and vegetables. (Seriously, every other kid there cleans their plate. Protein, starch and veggies!) It's sort of freakish to me. B. tried a bite of fish sticks last week so I immediately rushed out and bought some for the house. But otherwise it's been white rice, plain pasta or nada and he eats once he gets home with me. No peas & carrots. No broccoli. No carrot sticks. No turkey hot dogs. No corn. No chicken nuggets. No tuna sandwich. Today they even served popsicles after lunch, all the other kids sucked 'em down but B. wouldn't touch them. No idea why. Again, I gotta take comfort in the fact that peer pressure apparently doesn't work on B. so when the other kids are smoking or doing drugs he better say no! Oh and we've now given up oatmeal (there goes the applesauce) for no good reason except that B. wants fluffernutters for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  1. Can't you just see Ben picketing the school cafeteria to demand fluffernutters for all?