Monday, August 1, 2011

best toddler fun in santa monica & beyond

Based on the advice of a neighbor we checked out Virginia Ave. Park on Pico Blvd. yesterday. One word. Awesome! The playground is nothing special but they have water jets running all day long. It was a blast to watch B. run in and out of the fountains and it didn't cost a thing!
Also on the free list (ONLY because we have a family membership) was the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum. The curators have done such a good job of the new hall and unlike NYC's Natural History Museum where you have to elbow your way through to see anything, the crowd here is manageable. It's like the less flashy, less fancy cousin who's a lot more fun to hang out with. Plus they open at 9:30, unlike everything else in L.A. that opens at 10 or 11.

In case anyone's looking for more ideas, here are the other places we've loved to visit this summer:
Annenberg Beach House on the PCH. Two words: heated pool!
Bay Shore Lanes bowling alley on Pico (just off Main St.): A little grungy but they went out of their way to set us up with bumpers and a ramp.
Long Beach Aquarium: Expensive but worth it.
Will Rogers Beach on the PCH: The shortest distance from the parking lot to the beach.
The Farmers Market Sundays on Main St.: Ponies and produce.
Aidan's Place playground on Sepulveda: Just a great place to play.
Venice Canal: No ducks the day we visited but still just nice to walk around.

Up next on our to-do list: Cookie decorating at Books and Cookies and the wading pool at Stoner Park.

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