Friday, March 18, 2011

almost done!

It's my last day of work for two weeks and I'm itching to finish. Lunch and dinner has been a sad and sorry carb fest of pizza, pasta, quesedillas and pita and hummus since I've had very little time to plot out elaborate and/or nutritional dinner menus. I was a vegetarian for about 15 years so the carbs always come easier to me than planning around a protein. This afternoon's grocery bill at Whole Foods is gonna be insane since I have to stock up on all the stuff I skipped while working...meatballs, grilled chicken, etc.
I also accepted two new assignments for next month so I need to make sure I'm better prepared next time. I probably would have said no to the extra work because I've been living on coffee to keep me going but they're both social media jobs, which IMHO are tons of fun. There's nothing like tweeting when you're getting paid for it. And I think the 140 character count was designed with busy moms in mind. We've no time to focus and everything said needs to be short and sweet--which might as well describe social media management and/or parenting toddlers.
PS. Got the new babysitter a Starbucks card this morning because she's a keeper and I basically want to buy her loyalty. At which time Ben asked for a bagel. I should have bought the whole wheat but without thinking I went with the white flour bagel. I felt guilty before he finished the first bite. I'm sure there are worse things kids could have for breakfast but this looked like it had all the (lack of) flavor and nutrients of a piece of white bread. Yuck.

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