Wednesday, January 5, 2011

what is it about vacations?

We went to visit my family in Canada over the holidays and B. was a champ. He loved playing in the snow. Slept like a log. And ate almost anything we gave particular salmon, spanakopita, scrambled eggs, rice and corn (all things he shows no interest in at home). So we got home and I made scrambled eggs to accompany his bagel this weekend and he freaked out. No! No! No! That's in addition to the usual favorites he no longer enjoys, like bananas, avocado and spaghetti (seriously, just the long noodle in particular, he doesn't seem to mind macaroni or other short noodles). It's so frustrating.
Oh, and he isn't sleeping great either. We just installed blackout curtains yesterday hoping that'll do the trick but if it doesn't we're seriously considering redecorating his bedroom like a Westin hotel room...

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