Wednesday, January 5, 2011

long time no see...

All my plans to do more blogging as a SAHM evaporated once life got rolling. (Funny, so did my best laid plans to have daily jazz happy hour--milk for B., booze for mommy and groovy music to bop around to. Sounds nice doesn't it?) And I don't think we've been to the beach since I stopped working. It's weird, once you're home the time passes so much more quickly. Plus I find myself running way more errands than I used to. We're probably more caught up on our drycleaning and grocery shopping than ever before but I find myself forgetting to do the fun stuff. I think it's stay at home guilt that makes me feel like the house should be spotless and well stocked. So my New Year's goal is to slow down a little, walk (not drive) to the park, get to the beach more often, schedule more playdates and put on more music. Good luck to me.

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