Monday, September 20, 2010

eat yer veggies!

Week 2 of being at home (I have some notes saved from last week that I'll be posting soon) and it's been mostly snot and Baby Einstein DVDs. We're all sick and had to skip the art and music classes I signed up for last week. With that in mind I made a tomato sauce last night with a ton of hidden vegetables for extra nutrients. B.'s been really picky and since I want him to keep eating (and not throw a fit and get all blubbery) I've been a real pushover lately. Poor boy doesn't realize the tough love in store once he gets better. Anyway, I grated one carrot, one zucchini and one eggplant into a pan with garlic, one chopped roasted red pepper and a 16 oz box of Pomi tomatoes and then pureed with a hand blender once everything had melted together over medium heat and tossed with macaroni and ricotta. That's five vegetables at once. Mommy FTW!

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