Sunday, April 25, 2010

what to expect?

It occurs to me that as I'm trying to find new and interesting (and nutritious) things to feed B., my own diet is pretty boring. I have my favorites and pretty much eat the same thing every day. Plus I hate lunch. Give me a nice big breakfast, a snack and then dinner and I'm way happier than having to eat something at noon (sandwiches are boring and anything cooked just puts me to sleep). So maybe I'm being unrealistic expecting him to eat new stuff all the time. Like, have I ever eaten green beans for lunch? Maybe once? (Funny thing is, now that I'm trying to convince B. to eat all this new stuff, I end up finishing a lot of it. And that veggie frittata was delicious.) The answer is yes, I probably am expecting too much. Then again, what else are kids for if not to be burdened with massive parental expectations to live up to everything we're not? I could eat pizza every night for dinner but B.'s gonna be different! Yeah, I'll let you know how that works out...

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