Wednesday, March 10, 2010

to be clear

I am obsessed with chronicling every bite that goes into Ben's mouth. The idea of a pristine digestive system--GM food need not apply!--is fascinating. I'm not naive, the minute a McNugget touches those lips we'll have to adjust. But right now it's like our own little Truman Show taking place in the kitchen. And we are God/Chef/Director all rolled into one. Only good, healthy, unprocessed stuff for baby. (Even if mommy and daddy are stocking the fridge with Diet Coke and white bread.)

1 comment:

  1. Diet coke & whitebread? Ewwwww! Didn't you watch Food Inc? LOL!

    Seriously tho, i think it's a fascinating experiment you're doing too, and I understand your obsession. I have a feeling that no matter what happens when peer pressure begins to set in, the foundations of his digestive, immune and all other nutrition-affected (ie., all!) systems are going to be solid as a brick!

    Hey and who knows, maybe he (like me) will end up not really liking/wanting the junk because he's used to eating real food!