Thursday, March 11, 2010

spaghetti night

Stealing inspiration from one of my favorite dishes at Rosti, we had spaghetti with tomato sauce and goat's cheese tonight (with broccoli on the side - semi success with the veggies).
Ben's had mac 'n' cheese before and noodles (De Cecco's Farfalline seem to be small enough for him to enjoy) with roasted red pepper and goat's cheese sauce but this was his very first bowl of spaghetti -- except I cheated and chopped it into little pieces rather than giving him long strands. We'll save that photogenic experience for the weekend when I've got more time to clean up.
FWIW, Pomi makes the very best chopped tomatoes that come in a box (the marinara version is meh). It's got such a clean, fresh flavor, you don't even need to do anything but toss the tomatoes with your pasta. (Of course I like to add a lot of garlic and so far Ben seems fine with that.) The only spot locally that I can find Pomi is @ Bay Cities Deli -- the best Italian spot for miles and I tend to stock up every time I visit. But I just found this awesome looking place online and now I gotta order something!

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