Wednesday, February 1, 2012

miracles happen...

Even when B. was little (like 18 months little) and a good eater, he never picked off our plates or showed any interest in what we were eating. The kid just doesn't care that much about food. So last night while eating his 7,535th Nutella and peanut butter sandwich he looks at the lasagna on our plates and says, "I like lasagna, too." Wait up, whaaaaa? He's never even eaten lasagna and takes his noodles dry.
So I cut him a little slice that included shredded zucchini, red pepper and meatballs and he ate almost the whole thing, objecting only to the crispy bits on the edge that are my favorite. And then he walked away from the table as if nothing had happened. OMG. I'm still gobsmacked about it today. And I'm going to try and recreate the exact same conditions tonight. Lightning can strike twice, right?!

UPDATE: No more lasagna for B. He looked at me like I was crazy when I set the second plate in front of him and demanded plain noodles. Bah!

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