Thursday, January 19, 2012

when the doctor says, "wow"

I called B.'s pediatrician this week to discuss his aversion to anything that is not bread, cheese or chocolate. At some point I expect him to turn green and lose the energy to get out of bed because how can someone survive with virtually no protein, fruit or veggies (other than what his wily mother can sneak into his food)?! I went through the whole routine, explaining how we set out good foods and tell him those are his only options for lunch/dinner and how he goes hungry rather than eat most anything. And she said..."Wow." This was sort of alarming since it doesn't seem like a good thing when your kid's doctor says, "Wow." That and "Well, I've never seen that before." (It also confirms my theory that when your kid isn't eating or sleeping or doing something else properly, people assume you're the one screwing things up.)
But she also didn't have me rush him in for an appointment so apparently she believes he'll live to see his third birthday. Instead she told me to pick up some Pediasure and hide it in his milk. So I'm off to the store to get my kid some liquid energy.

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