Saturday, January 14, 2012

my favorite kid-friendly restaurants in Santa Monica

We had dinner at Kay 'n' Daves this week (technically in Brentwood) and B. wolfed down almost an entire adult-sized quesedilla topped with avocado. And he even directed us to dip each bite into the side of pinto beans I ordered. It was such a fuss-free/healthy meal I got all choked up (Am I wound a little too tight over these food issues? Oh yeah). And then the owner came over and out of the blue offered B. a free dessert. I still have no idea why though I like to think he has kids and saw the relief on my face at watching B. eat so nicely. So the little dude ate almost an entire brownie sundae, which I wasn't going to turn away since it was free!
We had B.'s first birthday party dinner here back in 2010, it was the spot that turned him onto quesedillas and pinto beans and they serve Coronas and sangria, which takes the edge off family dinner and dims the noise when you're having dinner at 5:30 with a bunch of other kids around. I'll be a loyal customer for life.
My other favorite places that serve drinks and range from tolerant to kid-friendly:
The Counter. It's our mommy-son date night special. Plus it's 3 blocks from Clover Park.
Stella Rosa Pizza Bar. It's cavernous so nobody can hear your kid complain when they don't bring the pizza out fast enough.
Pizza Antica. It's on the top floor of Santa Monica place so outdoor patio is great if your kid gets antsy.
The Omelette Parlor. OK, no drinks. But they bring stickers and crayons to the table and make a great waffle. Ditto Bru's Wiffle.
The Brentwood Country Mart. Not exactly in SM but right next door. And how can you go wrong when Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon seem to be there every second day. Barney's Burgers = so good. Sweet Rose ice cream = insanely good. And everything is outside. Except the new Farmshop restaurant, which does not seem remotely kid-friendly (though we saw Alyson Hannigan and her kid eating there) but it's the first place I'm going the next time I can get a babysitter!


  1. I told my husband to punch me and take $50 from my wallet the next time I suggested taking the kids out to dinner. That would be more fun!


  2. LOL. Ouch! The iPad helps a lot. Plus we only go to spots that have sure fire winners: pizza, quesedillas or sweet potato fries. Anything else would be madness. Agreed!