Friday, December 30, 2011

east coast vs. west coast?

Oddly (sadly?) B.'s food issues don't seem at all out of place here in NY. I've been observing my nephews and other young cousins and the majority of their diet seems to be carbs (bagels, pizza, fries, pasta) and chicken fingers. It's winter, so there's way less fruit consumption since the stuff at the store doesn't look very fresh but nobody seems to be eating vegetables--not even the wintery root kind that are in season here. And none of the grownups seem all that phased by it.
(One grown-up cousin says she has so many other things to worry about, she doesn't want to make food an issue as well. And my SIL says she occasionally won't let the kids leave the table without having a carrot stick or broccoli but veggies aren't part of their daily menu...and her boys are 8 and 10 years old. Shoot me if we're still having issues at that age!)
Living in Cali where everyone has access to awesome produce 365 days a year either at the local store, the neighborhood farmer's market or their weekly CSA delivery box of veggies seems to produce kids who are way more inclined to eat healthy food. I guess that's sort of a "Duh!" observation but it's just so weird to go from a culture where B. is the freakishly difficult kid at the dinner table to being just one of the badly-fed gang.

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