Thursday, November 3, 2011

random observations from the toddler trenches

  • B. has eaten a bag of Sun Chips and an almond in the past two days without any pleading on my part. Both firsts. Somehow I missed the "this is new thing week" memo.
  • Buying (and encouraging) a book called Everybody Poops was an massively bad idea. I have been reading about and looking at feces for four days straight. Sometimes before my morning coffee. I now hate this book with a passion. B. obviously loves it.
  • There are several things I gloss over when talking to friends. Such as B. slept in our bed for 8 months straight. And we're not co-sleepers. We were just too wimpy to kick him out. And every morning for the past month B. has eaten a Fluffernutter or a Nutella sandwich. There is no excuse except he will otherwise go to preschool without eating. If he were a hunger-striking dissident, he would have overturned my dictatorship by now. It's hard to negotiate with someone who has virtually no interest in eating.


  1. Amazon site reviews of the book were pretty bad - you are not alone.

  2. Don't feel guilty about the Fluffernutters. Have you heard of HALT-- Hungry Angry Lonely Tired? It's an acronym to remember to help ward off tantrums/meltdowns. Keep on doing whatever it takes to get B to eat before school, even if it involves Nutella!

    There is even research going on right now to see if extra smart kids are at a higher risk for low blood sugar, because their brains use up glucose at a faster level through "thinking".