Tuesday, September 6, 2011

white rice

B. just finished his first morning of preschool and rocked it like a star. Except when it came to lunchtime. Of the rice, turkey hot dogs, carrots and apples on his plate, he ate only the white rice. I'm perversely proud of him for sticking to his guns and not being swayed by peer pressure. Sure, all the other kids ate their balanced meals but my kid is picky and not about to change to make a group of toddlers happy. Sorta lame but I gotta look at the bright side. Instead we came home and he had a fluffernutter sandwich on whole wheat bread, which I first sold to him last week as a "frosting" sandwich. So now we've got a new meal on the repertoire and I'm trying to be less precious about the idea that my kid is eating marshmallow fluff for lunch.

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