Tuesday, September 20, 2011

school lunches

Monday's grilled cheese went down. But not the carrot sticks or apple slices. Tuesday's spaghetti with turkey meatballs and peas and carrots looked virtually untouched when I went to pick B. up today. Good thing I packed a sandwich. Fluffernutter, natch, that we ate on the bluffs looking at the waves and helicopters flying by. We've been going out for picnics after school since it seems like he needs the time to unwind. Friends swore he'd start sleeping better after preschool started but instead he's napping less. Or not at all. This afternoon just crawled by since I kept expecting him to pass out. But B. seemed oblivious to the lack of sleep and powered through all the way to 7:30. I love my sweet child but the kid's energy level is off the charts. I hope I'm not there the day he decides to try coffee for the first time.

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  1. Could fluffernutters's be the culprit?