Thursday, August 4, 2011

there's hope after all

For reasons that make no sense, B. tried and liked Cheddar Bunnies this week. I've tried Goldfish before but until now he's refused almost any sort of snack food. Give me an inch and I'll take a mile. Feeling daring, I spread a sheer layer of mustard and honey on his turkey sandwich today and called it a "sweet turkey sandwich." He actually ate a couple of bites and seemed to like it. Granted, there's nothing nutritional about any of this but it's been so long since he tried anything new I'm considering it a major victory.

For the record Ben's entire diet these days consists of: oatmeal (& applesauce), Cheerios, pancakes (& sweet potato or applesauce), mac & cheese (& cauliflower), pasta bolognese, turkey sandwiches, bean & cheese quesedillas with avocado (& chicken or pork) and pizza. That gives me exactly 8 options to choose from.

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