Thursday, August 11, 2011

snack attack

B. wouldn't go to sleep last night so he sat with us while we watched Take Me Home Tonight. Awesome '80s soundtrack. And started eating our Peruvian corn snack. They're huge, roasted, salted kernels of corn. LMAO. So random for the kid who won't try anything new. And doesn't eat corn. Like tonight we took him and Gran out for In 'N' Out -- sort of a birthright for any kid born in California, especially one who's obsessed with bowling. (T. made some joke about the In 'N' Out on Radford which I know somehow relates to the Big Lebowski but I'm terrible with movie quotes.) And B. wouldn't eat the fries because they're not sweet potato and he wouldn't eat the  cheeseburger because...well, who knows? But roasted Peruvian corn kernels are A-OK. Funny little man.

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